Thank you for visiting my page! This is where you'll find all the particulars of my two (2) eBook Novel Series containing ten (10) Novels, titled "The WynderMyre Memoirs".


I'm an Indie-Author in Scotland. The WynderMyre Memoirs is a series of eBooks I wrote between 1995 and 2009. I chose to be independent at a time when it was just beginning. It's been a hard journey, but regardless, it's slowly becoming popular. Many e-readers came out and quite a few, over the years, have disappeared completely. As the e-reader my husband gave me as a Christmas gift was a KOBO MINI, I love the Epub format.


As I'm in the UK and part of Europe still (LOL! We're leaving soon...) I've chosen sites to sell my self-published series on KOBOGB as well as INDIGO and now new DIRECT LINK for KINDLE USERS ONLY!.  I've been suffering health problems for the past two years, so I'm a wee bit slower to get things done, please, don't hold this against me.


The first book I wrote, "Trieste-Her Journey", contains four novels. These are available on the sites highlighted above. The Kobo/Indigo offers these in Epub. The Direct Link is for Kindle Products Only and has the first novel of Book One. They are all offered at the lower price possible.


The second book, "Love Through the Centuries" contains six novels. These will be available throughout 2019 and will be at these prices as well.


Now, here's a wee peak: "Carrbridge is a wee Village in the Scottish Highlands. At its heart, lies a dense forest. There, lives a Child of Two Worlds. Her name, Lady Trieste WynderMyre. Hidden in plain sight? Yes, kind of... They are humanoid in appearance, but even though Trieste was born here on Earth, her roots lie somewhere far far away in Seventh Heaven Universe. She is part of a large family and an even bigger social circle, known as The Heliotrope Network... There are Witches, Vampires and many other Supernatural, Legendary, Mythical creatures of all kind, you'll have to read it to find all about this girl of 19 (at the beginning of the story) through the various documents, such as diaries, books of Shadows, books of Genealogy and the likes.


It's a different unique style of stories, it's not written the same way as others that have been published. It is more about the other side, the behind-the-scenes of this Supernatural Family who lived in Scotland, they have left for Seventh Heaven Universe later on in this Century.


Thank you to my wonderful Beta-Readers and the precious readers who gave me a baker's dozen of 4+ stars review. 


Finally, below the text here, you'll find all the links where you can find me and where you can purchase my eBooks. Above on this page here, you'll find all the links to know about me as an Indie-Author, my pen name, the eBook covers I've created and much much more.


Thank you for stopping by and feel free to contact me, I love communications of the great kind. I check here once a week, usually on the weekends.


PLEASE NOTE (important) that the PAYHIP sites no longer offers any ebooks. Thank you for the ones who purchased there in the past.



Yours in blood, CeDany, BB, V-V!