Son's 28th Birthday is coming just in a few days in October. Nothing we need to done, is moving. All's stopped.

In order to have a brighter future, one tries this and that and hoping that at the bottom of Pandora's Box there will be hope.


So, I've joined FLICKR under TWMAuthor, hoping that I'll find readers there.


Today, I was thrown the truth in the face. I told someone on Social Site who advertised they were "Avid Readers" that I had written a novel series. I've never set time limits or anything, just let them know what I wrote. Adding that it was a Clean Read without Porn, urgh... hate that word, prefer Nudity LOL!


The reply came quickly stating they were booked for reading material until next year. Fine, no problem and thank you very much. Always be polite, I am...


Therefore, I figured that Social Sites are NOT the place to find readers, people just Retweet stuff and basically don't read any tweet feeds or any feeds whatsoever.  One thing I know, is that some are more likely to contribute to someone's work, while they don't have the time to actually read anything else.


I've spend the whole day searching (in between updating the next Book 1/Novel 3 ready for upload and for sale. Luckily, I've found Well, I've joined. The new link is below under Buy Me A You know how it works, just same as Patreon, GoFundMe et al. I felt this one was easiest for everyone concerned.


Thanks in advance for buying me a few Coffees LOL! Cheers, Yours in blood, CeDany, BB, V-V!

Friday 5 October 1990 -- Thursday 5 October 2017!


Dearest SonShine, today at 11:32 am is your official 27th birthday, but you're not here in body just in spirit. Five days after your 26th birthday, your backache turned for the worst and we decided against going back to the doctor's office and get directly to the A&E.


From there you spend 3 months and 20 days in hospital with the exception of 3 days between Christmas and New Year. On the last day you were with us, things got worst and you left again. This time by ambulance... You never came back. We spoke on Daddy's phone as yours wasn't charging. It was the last time ever. In your voice, I knew you were saying goodbye. We'll be having a cake today, chocolate, your favourite.


At least we know you're no longer suffering, but none of your doctors have been in touch with us... so we grieve still waiting unable to move on. They don't care that we need to know what happened to you... Happy birthday, SonShine, we miss you terribly and love you forever!



Hi all,


Do you love Supernaturals, such as Vampires, Witches and all? If yes, have you ever wondered where they actually came from? If yes, then it would be a great idea (and timing) to read my two novel eBook series -- The WynderMyre Memoirs. Novel One/Episode One is available now on PayHip and KOBO UK see links above or below.


I'll be launching Novel One/Episode Two soon as well as a few surprises and a new Merchandise Store for The WynderMyre Memoirs such as clothing and accessories.


Epub/Ebook format is available for your reading pleasure as well as if you want to help me acquire ISBNs so I can publish further and one day in print. Click on the Link for Tip Here, it'll take you to the PayHip website, the Bite-Size Preview of Novel One, Trieste-Her Journey, all four Prologues. It only costs One Pound GBP, and I'll accumulate this to purchase the required ISBNs. Thank you for your support, either purchasing my novels or helping me out.


Make sure that you have a PayPal Account, as well as a KOBO READER or an Android Device with Lithium Reader or the wonderfully discovered, PocketBook, which includes a Text-to-Speech if you fancy listening to an Audio of my stories.


I've been ill, but working my way up the ladder as we say, and will have quite a few things ready on time for June. Also, if you follow me on Instagram, and you're an author, I have an exchange Free for Free, I'll read and review your stories, if you read and review mine. You can either post the review with the book cover on Instagram, or directly onto KOBO's store site, where my epub is available now. Cheers!


Yours in blood, CeDany, BB, V-V!




Hello all,


If you love Vampires, Witches et al. Supernaturals simply. Asking yourselves, "Where do they come from?", then I invite you to read The WynderMyre Memoirs series of two Books made up of ten Novels. The Origins (the behind-the-scenes) of this Supernatural Family -- The WynderMyre.


Be of 16 years minimum to read all about the Adventures of Lady Trieste WynderMyre, the Heroine and MC of Novel One, then in Novel Two, discover all the Romances and Adventures of all the inhabitants from Seventh Heaven Universe. Thanks!


Yours in blood,


CeDany, BB, V-V!


Announcement - Launch - New Editing - Formatting - Colouring - Epub - Reading - FlowSystem


Calling all Indie Authors...


Announcing that from Saturday 7 July 2018, special price, all of the above transforming your #manuscript into an Epub Flow Reading System at £5 an A4 page with a £25 NR Deposit. Contact me here. Yours in blood, CeDany BB V-V!




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