Friday 5 October 1990 -- Thursday 5 October 2017!


Dearest SonShine, today at 11:32 am is your official 27th birthday, but you're not here in body just in spirit. Five days after your 26th birthday, your backache turned for the worst and we decided against going back to the doctor's office and get directly to the A&E.


From there you spend 3 months and 20 days in hospital with the exception of 3 days between Christmas and New Year. On the last day you were with us, things got worst and you left again. This time by ambulance... You never came back. We spoke on Daddy's phone as yours wasn't charging. It was the last time ever. In your voice, I knew you were saying goodbye. We'll be having a cake today, chocolate, your favourite.


At least we know you're no longer suffering, but none of your doctors have been in touch with us... so we grieve still waiting unable to move on. They don't care that we need to know what happened to you... Happy birthday, SonShine, we miss you terribly and love you forever!



Congratulations, you've written a beautiful story or stories, and now you'll be self-publishing. Great! However, if you were to see the leftovers of useless characters behind as I see them when I fix documents, you'd be alarmed... That's where I come in.


I remove all the superfluous characters that are of no use; standard fix your pages to A4 UK Paper Size; fix all your included photos/pictures to a standard visual size of 8 cm x 10 cm for things such as your Title Page (aka your main eBook cover) and the second photo/picture, commonly known as insert page to same sizes.


Any other added pics will be reduced to 4 cm x 5 cm. Either with attached captions or centred captions below said pics. Also, you've created CHAPTERS. Please, please don't make them EMPTY as e.g. CHAPTER 1. Use HEADING 1 in your styles of your Writer Program for this and below (using HEADING 2) created a phrase, a sentence, or if you prefer a wee sub-title to the Chapter. Lets the Readers know in advance, what this Chapter will be about. Makes such a better presentation and shows that you (the author/writer) worked hard on making your stories worth reading.


We don't really enjoy finding an ad nauseatum list of CONTENTS with just empty CHAPTERS title. So, consider this when adding the finishing touches to your wonderful tales.


Using the default font style is not for us. You can use an easy-on-the-eyes reading font which is available for commercial endeavours NOTO SERIF, it's rounded, crisp edges and very soft on the eyes to make your readers, read that much longer, after all it is the reason why you've written the stories in the first place, no?


Yes, at the end of the day, the readers themselves will do the settings up on their individual devices, but if the default author's choice is something favourable, they might just go with it and experience a better reading stint.


Secondly, as we are in the UK/Europe, let's use our Queen's English. In literature, especially Historical Fiction, loads of words exists in Dictionaries that are acceptable and preferable -- examples: despatch instead of dispatch; kneal in medieval times instead of more modern kneel.


Therefore, beside showing a time period, era, old century or even medieval times, the speech/dialogue of your characters is more in time with the period you're trying to portray. As an example, in my stories, The WynderMyre Memoirs, I've made a very age difference/time-frame between my two main characters -- Trieste, being younger and born in the 20th Century, and on Earth, contracts most of what she says. Whereas, Manny (Earl of HowlinWynd), born in the 12th Century and within Seventh Heaven Universe, the original Planets to where my characters originated. Therefore, he uses very few contractions to none.


If you are writing for the recently created category of NEW ADULT, you can add a few swears and dirty words, providing you're mentioning this in your eBook's description as definitely for 18+. YOUNG ADULTS, should be a lot cleaner but in all my reading days (over 4 decades), that has been a bitter point with me. Some titles are far to racy to cater for YA. After all, according to Wikipedia it covers the ages from 12 to 18, therefore, it should not be as racy as material for adults. Some prefer this, but to each his own when parents decide what their brood should be reading during those teenage years. It depends on how liberal or conservative they are. LOL!


Finally, the book industry, especially the printing portions of it, reduced the spacing amongst pages in order to save both paper, ink and of course, money! However, it is not the easiest way to read and has been proven to tire your eyes out quickly. Hence the reason why, there is speed reading courses (which helps tremendously, try one if you can!) and a standard business documentation format, which is the latter I've learned while in education as well as used throughout my Documentation Processing working-in-an-office career days.


As you've been reading here, all my paragraphs are lined up to the left with ends falling as naturally with the writing space on this page. Same principle with most computer writing programs such as the popular ones available on every PC from Microsoft MS OFFICE, which contains MS WORD.


I've been a user of OPENOFFICE in the past and lately my favourite one has been LIBREOFFICE. So far, it's the best.


Firstly, it's OPEN SOURCE, and FREE, some people seem to have the wrong idea that as INDIE AUTHORS we're loaded with money or have another employment. Sadly, no. So, we are struggling artists -- it is not correct to abuse us because of our choices -- to each his own -- again, our choices are sometimes connected to which situations each and every one of us are faced with in Real Life. No judging, but after more than 3 decades online, it seems that many consider that they are "Anonymous" online and therefore can be very petty...


Regardless, back to the software LIBREOFFICE, it is a 4-star program and worth you download it and using it.


At the end of the day, a cleaned-up, formatted, easy-flow-reading-system, proper digital eBook, is small, therefore, not wasting space, so, you're foot-print is tiny and will keep the Internet costs still afordable as wasted space means more equipment and expenses which at the end of the day are passed onto consumers. Not very pleasant.


Anyway, it's a long blog, I love helping out people so I'm a chatterbox -- you've probably stopped reading 5 minutes ago LOL! You've seen the format/style of paragraph and set-up I offer. If you make my day, by purchasing a novel from my series, and you have the latest bells/whistles e-reader, you'll see Trieste's Journey in colour.


Do whatever style you want for a physical book, paperback or hardcover, most times you've no choice but accept the printer/publisher, but when it comes to the Digital Age of Publication, shine up with an easy-flow-reading-system which makes reading an eBook a wonderful experience.


If you're interested, from 2019 probably February, I'll be available to offer fantastic prices for a professional Digital Products, either EPUB (my prefered format, I don't deal with Kindle/Mobi) or PDF, plus your base manuscript writer document which you can upload wherever you want to take your Self-Publishing Adventure.


Keep writing and entertaining, get in touch with me via my CONTACT/LINKS page above for more information on prices, signing off in my usual Author's style: Yours in Blood, CeDany, BB, V-V!



You know which days I'm speaking of. These days when you want to throw the towels out. Lately, it happens every darn Mondays. You add comments to Posts on various Social Network sites, just to find out a couple of days later, that said comments you had carefully worded in order not to offend anyone and get people to agree with you and it's been REMOVED? What???


It requires a strength of personality that, even though I have it, amongst my horrible life experiences I'm going through at the moment. Phew! The lost of my son, needing to relocate asap, but it's been a year of the waiting game. Oh, I could go on and on, but on certain sites you're told, "no, don't show your frustration...." well, in the first place don't upset me to the point where I do get frustrated. Trolls my backside, it comes down to the owners of the sites not doing their jobs. Hence the reason why, I leave so many and keep to the good ones only. 


Well, it's Monday again, urgh!!! Just put down a few words, I would say so many more, but it's not worth it, most are happy to annoy but not interested in finding out that they are annoying. LOL!


Well, let's hope that the Tarotscopes are true this time around and things will get better. Later y'all!



To everyone else, aka Humans, MerryWynde Manor in Carrbridge, Scotland, looks as a Yellow Sandstone Castle within an elliptic (reminding them of SHU's Planet Rotation around Neutra Islandia) landscaped garden, with a large maze at the front. Within its centre, a magnificent fountain. The remaining areas are full of evergreens and mature various deciduous trees.


To us, The WynderMyre Family, the same landscape areas are there, containing our home, the GateKeeper's House as well as the Pool Complex, the Stables and the Orchard as well as vegetables and fruits patches.


Yet, with a slight difference... Whereas others see blue skies and greeneries, we see the same trees and red skies as found on many of the SHU Planets, in particular, Abramo, my Father, has reproduced the red-tinge forests he so loved to roam while waiting to be mated with Mother, Ariadne.


Therefore, we spoke to CeDany, Manny and I, and sent her a photo of the area we all love to run and hunt on our 3-days full-moon cycles.


These are now the backgrounds of our eBook series as you will see soon. The launch date is nearing.


Yours in blood,


Trieste, BB, V-V!

PS, in the meantime, check the pages within or have a gander at the background on site!



Hi all,


Do you love Supernaturals, such as Vampires, Witches and all? If yes, have you ever wondered where they actually came from? If yes, then it would be a great idea (and timing) to read my two novel eBook series -- The WynderMyre Memoirs. Novel One/Episode One is available now on PayHip and KOBO UK see links above or below.


I'll be launching Novel One/Episode Two soon as well as a few surprises and a new Merchandise Store for The WynderMyre Memoirs such as clothing and accessories.


Epub/Ebook format is available for your reading pleasure as well as if you want to help me acquire ISBNs so I can publish further and one day in print. Click on the Link for Tip Here, it'll take you to the PayHip website, the Bite-Size Preview of Novel One, Trieste-Her Journey, all four Prologues. It only costs One Pound GBP, and I'll accumulate this to purchase the required ISBNs. Thank you for your support, either purchasing my novels or helping me out.


Make sure that you have a PayPal Account, as well as a KOBO READER or an Android Device with Lithium Reader or the wonderfully discovered, PocketBook, which includes a Text-to-Speech if you fancy listening to an Audio of my stories.


I've been ill, but working my way up the ladder as we say, and will have quite a few things ready on time for June. Also, if you follow me on Instagram, and you're an author, I have an exchange Free for Free, I'll read and review your stories, if you read and review mine. You can either post the review with the book cover on Instagram, or directly onto KOBO's store site, where my epub is available now. Cheers!


Yours in blood, CeDany, BB, V-V!




Hello all,


If you love Vampires, Witches et al. Supernaturals simply. Asking yourselves, "Where do they come from?", then I invite you to read The WynderMyre Memoirs series of two Books made up of ten Novels. The Origins (the behind-the-scenes) of this Supernatural Family -- The WynderMyre.


Be of 16 years minimum to read all about the Adventures of Lady Trieste WynderMyre, the Heroine and MC of Novel One, then in Novel Two, discover all the Romances and Adventures of all the inhabitants from Seventh Heaven Universe. Thanks!


Yours in blood,


CeDany, BB, V-V!