& Her Books Journey!


Born in the 60s, she began reading before writing. However, the latter followed sooner rather than later. Her father was her biggest influence. A rock of a man, who was gentle and dedicated to his daughter, with a sarcastic sense of humour and a story-telling-style which influenced her writings throughout a decade.


She read and researched all she could from the films and television series she watched with her father. A passion for the supernatural as well as Vampires and Witches blended within the style of the time, namely space exploration (Star Trek), a Japanese Animé series about a Faery/Witch and the countless films from Hammer Film Production featuring the Legendary Christopher Lee as Count Dracula.


It culminated with a book (A Friend of the Family - Fred Saberhagen) and the best romantic Vampire of all on film (Dracula 1979 - Frank Langella). A decision was made... Someday soon, she would write about their Origins.