THE WYNDERMYRE MEMOIRS SERIES SYNOPSIS: An unusual and unique story. You’re given special insight into The WynderMyre Family Diaries. The behind-the-scenes. How they came to Earth. How they lived, loved and survived… Through the Centuries!


A High-Fantasy, Paranormal Romance from Family Diaries, New Adult Fiction. I am hopeful that you will enjoy the adventure and romance that Lady Trieste WynderMyre went through along with the origins of her Family, the Heliotrope Network, Seventh Heaven Universe and the Supernaturals.


Yours in Blood,

CeDany, BB, V-V!


TRIESTE-HER JOURNEY BOOK1 SYNOPSIS: Lady Trieste WynderMyre, a Child of Two Worlds, a prophecy, in the Highlands of Scotland. She may be born on Earth, but her roots are afar. Origins of Supernaturals, behind-the-scenes. Here's her Memoirs!

FROM DAWN UNTIL FOREVER NOVEL1 SYNOPSIS: Her Adventure Begins... What Trials and Tribulations

are in store?


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